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smoke, alcohol, sport and chess

You may have never imagined that some elements which seem to be irrelevant to chess can significantly influence players’ performance by affecting their health. Smoke The 8th World Champion Mikhail Tal was reproached for his addiction to smoking. Boris Spassky recollected

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Chess Psychology (2): Strategies

Preparation before chess games or tournaments is important for players, and it involves the study of psychology. Which opening you choose and whether you intend to play aggressively or solidly, all these factors can be decisive to the result of a

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The Great Exhibition paiting


In the history of World Chess Championships, since 1886, there were only sixteen champions, but there were many great chess players who remain unknown to the wider chess public. One of those is a German master Anderssen. Meet the second

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Chess in the Turbulent Era – vol. 5

Alekhine, a Russian chess player you can read about in the previous article of the series, began to drink increasingly from the early 1930s. His health was severely harmed; that is one reason why he was defeated by Max Euwe,

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All Power to the Soviets painting

Chess in the Turbulent Era – vol. 4

While the whole of Europe was drafted into the First World War, Russia quit halfway. There another genius player was born in 1892. Read about Alekhine, a player for whom chess was an irresistible desire. A dilemma If you stay, you

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Cuba, Havana

Chess in the Turbulent Era – vol. 3

Twenty years after Lasker, whom we meet in the previous article of the series, became the World Champion, the First World War begun. With Europe being in the center of this turbulent time of history, a young chess player in

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Anderssen played against Morphy black and white painting

Chess in the Turbulent Era – vol. 2

As we mentioned in the first article of the series, chess became a science under the first world champion Steinitz. On another side, the second world champion, Emanuel Lasker, integrated other subjects into chess. Find out more about his approaches

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Pike of pocket watch

Chess in the Turbulent Era – vol. 1

Looking into chess development after ancient times brings us to the turbulent era before and during the First World War. In the first article from the new series on chess history meet Steinitz, one of the crucial figures in the

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game of chess painting by van leyden

The Spread of Ancient Chess – vol. 2

After learning all about the beginnings of chess in the first article of the series, see the game of all games from a brand new perspective by learning about chess in the Prohibition and Renaissance era. As we mentioned last

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Ancient chess pieces

The Spread of Ancient Chess – vol. 1

The game of chess has rich origins. In this series of articles, start the journey in 500 AD in India and learn how Arabs spread the knowledge of the game to the Middle East and Europe. By unfolding a part of the

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MustaChess mascot, a chess piece with moustache

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